Intelligent feline omnivores native to the Trillian system, SiomHaen are almost unknown prior to recent battles near that system between two Dukes of the Kingdom. Quite a few ships crashed on the surface of their planet, Trill. The SiomHaen, who were advancing into the industrial age, recovered some of the remains of the ships and deciphered how they worked. The ingenious and inventive SiomHaen engineers were able to create starships from the wreckage and explore space with mixed results. Finally one ship, The Lady, and her captain, Domino Blackthorne, made it into hyper-space and encountered the Shar-Nithian Lords. It was a while before the Shar-Nithian Lord who made initial contact with them realized that the SiomHaen were using components from Shar-Nithian fighters to power their ship. He labeled them thieves and scavengers and tried to prosecute them. But The Lady and her crew escaped the Shar-Nithian and went elsewhere, exploring the galaxy.
The stories of The Lady and her crew eventually made it back to Trillian and are the most celebrated stories on the planet. The Captain sent the stories back home but the ship and crew did not return. Since the stories were first introduced, many SiomHaen have aspired to explore the galaxy like the great captain and her unsinkable ship, The Lady.
Most of the SiomHaen encountered off their home world will be explorers and adventurers looking for glory, excitement, and true adventure.

Personality: SiomHaen tend to be curious, superstitious, and courageous, though they can be initially fearful and wary around things that are strange and new to them.

Physical Description: SiomHaen average about 1.8 meters tall. Their fur color and pattern varies widely. Women are often taller and heavier than men. SiomHaen achieve maturity about the age of 7 and rarely live beyond 80.

Home Worlds: Trill is a medium sized planet that orbits a yellow star and is fifth from the star out of 13 planets. Trill has a mostly temperate climate with mild summers and strong winters everywhere but its poles and equator. At the poles it is harsh winters and no summer and the equator has hot summers and mild winters.

Languages: SiomHaen speak, read, and write Flanish (with hundreds of dialects) as well as the Galactic Trade language. They can learn any other language but may not be physically able to speak some of them.