Oa’F’Reet may be found in every culture and every incident in the galaxy. Natural curiosity keeps this species always on the move to discover what is over the horizon. They make the best explorers and trailblazers but they establish very few colonies. They have been traveling hyperspace for millennium and secretly visiting the other races as they developed. It is an impatient Oa’F’Reet that gave Humans the necessary computations and technology for hyper-space travel.

Personality: Oa’F’Reet personality runs the gamut of possibilities, but curiosity rules the day. This coupled with their natural maternal and protective instincts make them superb meddlers. They are inquisitive and excitable which make them diverse in their tastes, morals, customs, and habits.

Physical Description: Oa’F’Reet average about 1.2 meters tall. Skin shades run from black to white and all colors of the spectrum, hair is usually fair but may be any color that exists. They have a pair of gossamer wings sprouting from their back. Though physically unable to allow the Oa’F’Reet to fly, they do indeed fly but cannot fly if they lose their wings. Oa’F’Reet achieve maturity about the age of 1 and easily live for thousands of years.

Home Worlds: Various, they are found wherever there is civilization. Though many Oa’F’Reet remember their home world, most haven’t seen it in centuries. The Oa’F’Reet who were born in other worlds may have never seen their home world. Oa is the birthplace of the Oa’F’Reet. It is a beautiful small world of lush vegetation and beautiful landscapes. It is the only planet that orbits its blue star. It has one moon, Reet, which is actually a smaller planetoid with its own atmosphere and flora and fauna. Many Oa’F’Reet live there as it was the first world they ever explored beyond their own.

Languages: Oa’F’Reet speak, read, and write Oan and the languages of their adopted planet as well as the Galactic Trade language. They can learn any other language and have the uncanny ability to speak them all.