K’rikk’T come from the Hive Worlds of K’rikk’T. The Stazen star system has a series of seven planets orbiting it and all are within the habitable ring of the system. Each one is inhabited by the K’rikk’T. Each of the small planets is dominated by an extreme climate type and the crust of the planets is riddled with holes, tunnels, and caverns. The K’rikk’T are evolved from a specific type of giant insect native to all seven worlds.
After developing the technology to travel into space, the K’rikk’T of M’ard’R set out to explore the Six Sisters, what they called the moons that would appear in the sky at random times throughout the cycle of years. Arriving on the planet G’rund’L they discovered not only that it was not a moon but that it was populated by a race of people that were similar if not exactly physically like themselves. The natives of G’rund’L were not as technologically as advanced as they but were not too far behind. First contact was made and after many misunderstandings, the two races embraced each other as cousins and began to share their cultures.
Together they explored the other “Sisters” and found that all of them were inhabited. Now all the people of the system share and a governing council has formed with representatives from each world. This is how the Humans found them.
The K’rikk’T gladly joined the Kingdom and the Shar-Nithian Lords shared their technology and knowledge of the Psyche. The K’rikk’T consider the Kingdom to be a larger hive and are glad to be a part of it, though the other races are really hard to talk to. They only use words.

Personality: K’rikk’T personality runs the gamut of possibilities with a tendency to think favorably about the community. Members of this species tend to be highly adaptable, tenacious, and willing to keep striving no matter the odds especially for the better of the hive. They are rigid and unchanging in their tastes, morals, customs, and habits. They have a strict and complex matriarchal society.

Physical Description: K’rikk’T average about 1.5 meters tall. Skin shades run from dark to very pale but the color is usually dictated by the planet on which they were born. Even if their parents are of different colors, all children born on a specific planet are born the color associated with that planet. K’rikk’T from D’ush’T are red, B’azz’N are green, G’rund’L are yellow, K’estn’R are silver, M’ard’R are brown, S’berr’N are blue, and D’izzp’T are white. They have no hair. Women and men are usually of similar size. K’rikk’T achieve maturity about the age of 2 and rarely live beyond 50.

Home Worlds: Various, The planet closest to S’taz’N (the blue dwarf star) is a dry, hot, desert world called D’ush’T. The second planet is humid tropical world of giant vegetation called B’azz’N. The third world is sub-tropical world of steppes, plains, and shallow seas called G’rund’L. The fourth planet is a water world of vast and deep oceans with little land above water called K’estn’R. The fifth planet is a temperate world of rolling hills, lush forests, and small mountain ranges (a veritable paradise) called M’ard’R. The sixth planet is a cold planet of tundra, ice seas, and high mountain ranges called S’berr’N. The seventh planet is a frozen planet of ice covered ocean, glaciers, and massive mountain ranges called D’izzp’T.

Languages: K’rikk’T speak, read, and write K’liik’T as well as the Galactic Trade language. They can learn any other language but may not be physically able to speak some of them.