Illithian are considered a dangerous race. Naturally sensitive to the Psyche, the Illithian have developed amazing mental powers and their culture and society have grown around these abilities. The truly alien looking Illithian appear monstrous to most humans and many of the other races.

They hail from the planet Ekimus in the Ash system. When Humans first arrived on Ekimus they called it Ash 4. It was the only planet, of the five orbiting the red giant star, that wasn’t a blasted and baked world covered in storms of ash and dust. Ekimus is a planet where the water and land inhabit the same area. This creates a world of swamps, bogs, and moors. There are very few areas of dry land or deep ocean.

The Illithian did not develop technology as such but developed their understanding of the mind and the Psyche beyond the advancements made by many Shar-Nithian. It is just a way of life for them.

Personality: Illithian personality centers on the concepts of strategic manipulation and the exploitation of opportunities to gain tactical advantage. This is true no matter the situation and is not offensive or rude to the Illithian. They are flexible and ambitious in their ways, but somewhat rigid in their tastes, morals, customs, and habits. Change is difficult to predict and manipulate.

Physical Description: Illithian average about 2 meters tall. Skin shades run from black to red-purple to deep greens to very pale grey, they have no hair. Women are usually taller and heavier than men. Illithian achieve maturity about the age of 30 and often live beyond 1000.

Home Worlds: Ekimus, the swamps are vast and cover entire continents. The vegetation is thick and protects the animal life from the harsh, almost constant rainstorms that blanket the planet.

Languages: Illithian speak, read, and write Deep Undel. They understand, read, and write the Galactic Trade language but cannot speak it. They can learn any other language but are not physically capable of speaking any of them.