Humans dominate the known worlds of the Galactic Kingdom and can be found in virtually every corner of the galaxy. They are the ancestors of early space faring pioneers, conquerors, traders, travelers, and refugees. Humans have always been a people on the move. As a result, they can be found on almost every inhabited planet. As a species, Humans are physically, culturally, and politically diverse. Hardy or fine, light-skinned or dark, Humans remain one of the most dominant species throughout all aspects of history.

Personality: Human personality runs the gamut of possibilities, though members of this species tend to be highly adaptable, tenacious, and willing to keep striving no matter the odds. They are flexible and ambitious, diverse in their tastes, morals, customs, and habits.

Physical Description: Humans average about 1.8 meters tall. Skin shades run from nearly black to very pale, hair from black to blond. Men are usually taller and heavier than women. Humans achieve maturity about the age of 17 and rarely live beyond 100.

Home Worlds: Various, there are near limitless human colonies scattered all across the galaxy but a few colonies have developed over centuries of growth into human dominated worlds. These include Augustyn, Blackmoor, Brandenburg, Denwarren, Ekimus, Glendarrow, High Forge, Shar, Nithia, and Waycross. Khalydri is the true home world where humans began their exploration and domination of the galaxy so many millennia ago. Khalydri is often referred to as the Core World as it is the seat of Human culture.

Languages: Humans speak, read, and write the languages of their native planet as well as the Galactic Trade language. They can learn any other language but may not be physically able to speak some of them.