Dorek perceive the Psyche as a deity that communicates to them through mathematics and machines. From this understanding the Dorek have developed a society based on the concept that God is the great living machine that is the universe and that all of his children should embrace the machine to be closer to God and achieve enlightenment. The Dorek have developed the most advanced forms of bio-technology and cybernetic enhancements. Two factions have developed in Dorek society. One faction embraces the dogma of the Church of the Psyche and the other faction struggles against it.
The faction that supports the Church controls the tide of society and sways their opinions on everything from daily rituals to government policy. They have also developed the most advanced form of bio-technology in the galaxy and have bridged the gap between flesh and metal with it. It is common to find some sort of cybernetic enhancement installed in a member of the Church. If they have the feat True Faith then they may have many such enhancements. There are two types of psyche users in the Church, the Priests and the Paladins. Either may use the Shar-Nithian talents.
The Priests have all sorts of enhancements to help them understand and control the world around them. Rarely are these enhancements intended for personal combat and are more suited for mass combat found on a battlefield or as support for a small arms tactical squad. In combat they are primarily there for support of the frontline warriors.
The Paladins are built for battle. Every cybernetic enhancement is designed specifically to increase their personal offensive and defensive combat abilities. They are the front line of the Church and their devotion often borders on the fanatic and disturbing.
The other faction strives against the Church and its “false” teachings. These Dorek have seen the technology of the other races and find them to be mundane and not connected to the Psyche at all. These “Rebels” try to show the mob that is Dorek society the errors of their ways and that living organisms are already close to “God” and the holy ones are sensitive to the Psyche of God that binds and connects us all. They are no less fanatical or faithful than the other faction; they just disagree with the majority. This faction is not hunted or outlawed unless they break the law. Mostly they are pitied and ridiculed.

Personality: Dorek personality runs from one extreme of possibilities to the other. They have no fear of passion and it shows in everything that interests them. They are quite loyal and steadfast to one ideal or another in an almost single-minded way. Though, if between obsessions, they are highly agreeable to consider new ideas.

Physical Description: Dorek average about 1 meter tall. Skin shades run from deep purple to very pale pink, hair from black to blond. Women are usually taller and heavier than men. Dorek achieve maturity about the age of 13 and rarely live beyond 80. They have no noses but their sinus cavities connect to their mouths at the back of the throat and just behind their upper teeth.

Home Worlds: Dorenian 6. The Dorek home world is filled with lush vegetation and tropical to temperate climates. There are no polar ice caps and most water is found underground. When it does surface, water explodes in geysers and small, turbulent rivers, lakes, and seas. There are no surface oceans. There are 27 planets in the Dorenian system.

Languages: Dorek speak, read, and write the Doren as well as the Galactic Trade language. They can learn any other language but may not be physically able to speak some of them.