Deurgish are obsessed with technology and warfare. As a race they have invented all of the machines of modern war and produce most of them as well. Their innovations are prized by all the other species in the galaxy. When they first encountered the exploring Humans in the Human’s fledgling ventures to new star systems, the Deurgish had been traveling the galaxy for centuries. They studied and improved the Human’s technology and won an ally immediately. The Shar-Nithian Lords grant the Deurgish preferential treatment and feed their egos and the Deurgish supply the nobles with the great machines of war.

Personality: To say that the Deurgish are proud and sometimes arrogant is an understatement. They take their honor very seriously and any blemish implied will be taken as a grave insult. Quick to temper the Deurgish have many enemies and they like it that way. But war also breeds camaraderie and a friend of a Deurgish is a friend for life. When not protecting their egos or defending their honor, the Deurgish show a great wisdom cultivated from the history of many battles, many wins, and many losses.

Physical Description: Deurgish average about 1.2 meters tall. Skin shades run from ruddy tan to very pale, hair from black to red to blond. Men are not necessarily taller and heavier than women. Both are stocky and sturdy folk with broad shoulders and thick muscles. Deurgish achieve maturity about the age of 18 and live beyond 500.

Home Worlds: Various, Deurgish founded many of the human colonies scattered all across the galaxy and may be found in all of the human dominated worlds. These include Augustyn, Blackmoor, Brandenburg, Denwarren, Ekimus, Glendarrow, High Forge, Shar, Nithia, and Waycross. Angheim is the true home world where the Deurgish thrived before encountering the Humans. Angheim is often referred to as the Forge World as it is the center of all engineering in the known worlds.

Languages: Deurgish speak, read, and write the language of High Deur and Common Gish as well as the Galactic Trade language. They can learn any other language but may not be physically able to speak some of them.