Darsithian are huge, hulking brutes that have a natural affinity towards the Shade. Genetically altered and bred by the Shar-Nithian Lords to be the perfect, controllable soldier, the Darsithian are physically impressive and intimidating. But the Shar-Nithian Lords built them too well. They developed mental resilience as well as physical invulnerabilities and the Shar-Nithian Lords found it difficult to control them. That coupled with their inherent cruel and nasty temperaments, they were labeled a failure and now a threat to the Kingdom. The Duke in charge of this operation apologized personally to the Dark King. After accepting the apology, the Dark King promoted another Shar-Nithian Lord to the title of Duke and gave him everything that the late Duke once had.

The Shar-Nithian quickly began a campaign to destroy all of the Darsithian but were not immediately successful and the costs were increasing too rapidly. So the Dark King made a proclamation that the Darsithian were no longer hunted and were now full citizens of the Kingdom. He offered many of them places of power but not all of them. They began fighting among themselves for these positions and therefore solved the problem of control.

Personality: Darsithian personality is innately and naturally cruel and self-serving. A few individuals have overcome these dark ways but most have embraced them. Fortunately, there aren’t many Darsithian left alive.

Physical Description: Darsithian average about 2.5 meters tall. Skin shades run from deep burgundy to very pale gold, their sparse hair from black to blood red. Men are usually taller and heavier than women. Darsithian achieve maturity about the age of 5 and may live beyond 100.

Home Worlds: None. Originally created on the world of Shar, the Shar-Nithian Lords have eliminated nearly all of the Darsithian that might have been on the planet. Since the purging of the Darsithian, the Humans have terra-formed the planet and colonized it. The current Arch-Duke intends on building his capital there.

Languages: Darsithian speak, read, and write the Galactic Trade language. They can learn any other language but may not be physically able to speak some of them.