Chironians are nocturnal people and consider the time of daylight to be the time of rest and recovery. They thrive in the night and their culture is uniquely suited for dark actions. Chironians have a deep understanding of all things shady and deceptive. They excel at stealth in everything they do. As such, they make excellent scouts and soldiers.

Personality:Chironian personality is actually fairly rigid and ordered. Chironians understand that there are methods to everything and the anticipation of the method being used in a situation and the manipulation of the situation through the understanding of that method is key to a successful and productive life. To say they are Machiavellian is an understatement. They are always looking for the best advantage of any situation but seem to be unwilling to compromise their morals or ethics to do so. Life is a game to them.

Physical Description: Chironians average about 1.5 meters tall and usually have thin or lanky builds. Skin colors run from black to very pale and all shades of grey between, hair from black to white with all shades of grey between. Women are usually taller and heavier than men. Chironians achieve maturity about the age of 10 and rarely live beyond 60.

Home Worlds: Nithia. This world is at the closest edge of the habitable ring to its star and therefore has a higher range of temperatures than normal. It has no polar ice caps and the equator is either boiling ocean or blasted desert. Nearer to the poles is where one would find civilization. For many months there is no daylight which suits the people fine but for the other months there is no night and the primitive Chironians would migrate with the darkness as it traveled around the world. Modern Chironian life prepares for the time of the light and treat it like normal people would treat a harsh winter. They stay indoors as much as possible and wear protection at all times when outside.
Nithia is one of the worlds that were colonized by Humans. For many years the Chironians allowed the Humans to live on their world because the Humans weren’t anywhere near their civilization and they mostly came out during the day. But eventually the Humans found the Chironians and negotiations began. In the end, the Chironians were unable to match the technology of the Humans and struck a deal that the Humans would be allowed to settle in the harshest and brightest parts of their world as long as they never try to rule the Chironian cities or destroy Chironian culture and the Humans would teach the Chironians about Human technology and allow Chironians to join them when they left the world.

Languages: Chironians speak, read, and write the Nithian language as well as the Galactic Trade language. They can learn any other language but may not be physically able to speak some of them.