Archalions are similar in appearance to humans and often pass as human in most places. But the similarities stop at appearances. On a genetic level, Archalions are far from human. They naturally possess certain genetic patterns that make them highly attuned to the Psyche. But the attunement is on a more personal if not selfish level. Archalions are unable to manifest any psionic ability that affects the world around them. All of those abilities are impossible for Archalions to learn but they have racial abilities that they learn instead. These “internal” psionic abilities increase their natural capabilities and give them almost super-human powers. People afflicted with the Shade become enraged if not maniacal when they come in contact with an Archalion. For this reason and their predilection towards “heroic” acts of justice that do not always conform to the laws of the region, their world has been unofficially proscribed and they are unwelcome on GFH worlds. The Shar-Nithian Lords have hunted down any of them who are caught “off world”. There is always some law that the Archalion happens to break that either calls for his banishment or imprisonment. The Shar-Nithian no longer attempt to enlist Archalions in the military. Therefore, it is rare to encounter an Archalion off of his home world though there are rumors that some have volunteered for the Phalanx Program.

Personality: Like Humans, Archalion personality runs the gamut of possibilities, though members of this species tend to be highly adaptable, tenacious, and willing to keep striving no matter the odds. They are flexible and ambitious, diverse in their tastes, morals, customs, and habits. Yet being so closely tied to the Psyche and having to deal with the Shade as a race, Archalions tend towards non-violence and selfless acts whenever possible.

Physical Description: Archalions average about 1.8 meters tall. Skin shades run from deep tan to very pale, hair from black to blond. Men are usually taller and heavier than women. Archalions achieve maturity about the age of 21 and can live for thousands of years. Fortunately, women rarely have more than one child every century or so.

Home Worlds: Archal-Elan is the home of the Archalions. It is a large planet with gravity equal to 1.05G. It is rich in minerals, flora, and fauna. The Archalions have created a society that lives in harmony with their planets natural cycle and now enjoy a very comfortable, nearly utopian, life. Unfortunately this has stalled any cultural or technological growth that might spring from adversity and it makes more than a few Archalions look to the stars and other societies for that something denied them at home.

Languages: Archalions speak, read, and write the Elan language as well as the Galactic Trade language. They can learn any other language but may not be physically able to speak some of them.