Zatrani are the smallest Society. Zatrani are chosen based on psychic sensitivity. They receive
special training which leaves them more philosophically homogenous than the other Societies.
Zatrani are secretive about this training. Outsiders believe that it includes not only psionics but
the GFH’s secret plans for the future. Zatrani share a mystical vision of humanity as a single
psychic entity and each city as a living thing that speaks to them. They are unquestioningly loyal
to the GFH, which they believe is crucial to the survival of the civilized races. Zatrani believe in
destiny. They often see themselves as above the law, and while they don’t seek personal glory
they do believe that they answer to a higher calling, which gives them a certain arrogance.
Zatrani have a sense of duty, and can be fearless, self-sacrificing, and conscientious, but they can
also be fanatical, evasive, and self-righteous. Nearly all Zatrani work directly for the GFH, many
on top-secret projects and missions.