Selemaht are populists who believe that government exists for the benefit of the governed.
They believe strongly in individual rights. Selemaht will agree to limits on their personal
freedom only if they can be convinced that it’s for the well-being of all. They can be contentious
among themselves as to how much government control is acceptable, with some believing
that the basic necessities of life are human rights and others believing that even a welfare
system represents an unacceptable level of interference. It’s exactly this tendency to question,
argue, and value their right to do so that leads to them being assigned to the same group. GFH
leadership watches the Selemaht carefully, but so far the Selemaht have been willing to live
within GFH boundaries as long as they have a free rein in their own districts. Selemaht tend to
be thoughtful, tolerant, and humane, but can also be argumentative and disorganized. They
make excellent lawyers and politicians. Many do join the military, where they often serve as
medics, techs, or quartermasters.