Ryzjeka are law-abiding people who thrive in a highly regulated world. They do support
individual rights – at least, the ones dictated by law. It’s very rare for a member of this Society
to commit a crime, although a Ryzjeka who disagrees with a law is likely to submit an extensive
petition to lawmakers. Ryzjeka believe that rules are there for everyone’s good, and that a
well-regulated city is a healthy city. They are known for their honesty and integrity but can be
inflexible and extremely authoritative. They are best in occupations where their faith in rules
and regulations is an asset. Ryzjeka make excellent judges, policemen, and soldiers. They are
sometimes called upon to enforce the law among other Societies. Ryzjeka are patriotic and
proud to be part of the GFH. A Ryzjeka district will usually be a clean and pleasant suburb, where
anyone can walk safely at night and the smallest infraction will get you jail time.