Limiri are individualists who resist any and all limitations on their freedom. The GFH herds them
into groups to keep them from disrupting life in more orderly districts. The Limiri are aware that
there is a contradiction in being grouped as individualists, which gives them a certain cynicism
about the GFH’s methods and motives. The other Societies, as a Limiri sees it, exist to repress
human freedom and potential. The Limiri see themselves as rebels, exiled for their refusal to
be forced into any of the GFH’s restrictive molds. They tend to believe that the individual has
the right to do whatever is necessary to survive. Limiri can be tough, courageous, and original,
but they can also be selfish, brutal, and absolutely untrustworthy. Limiri rarely join the military,
and those who do often volunteer for dangerous missions at the edge of the galaxy. The GFH
maintains strict control over the borders of Limiri districts but largely ignores what goes on
inside. A Limiri area is usually colorful and diverse but also dilapidated, chaotic, and dangerous.