Langallash share the Balish devotion to the GFH, but without Balish adherence to rules. Those
assigned to the Langallash require plenty of personal freedom, and they tend to believe that
the ends justify the means. Langallash are comfortable with society’s rules so long as those
rules don’t interfere with personal goals and causes. A Langallash in pursuit of an important
goal is unlikely to let himself be hindered by laws or morals—although the goal itself is likely to
be perfectly just. If ensuring the survival of the GFH requires a quiet assassination or if running
a successful business means telling a few lies, that’s okay by a Langallash. They can be clever,
resourceful, and competent, but they can also be dishonest, amoral, and absolutely ruthless.
Langallash are often recruited for intelligence work or special forces because of their patriotism
and willingness to do whatever the job requires. A Langallash district will be pleasant and
prosperous, but much less safe and clean than a Balish or Ryzjeka area.